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News Flash! Black Women Aren’t Mad Michael B. Jordan’s Girlfriend Isn’t Black



There seems to be some confusion in the Twitterverse. On Tuesday (Jan. 2) after news broke that Michael B. Jordan was dating Instagram model Ashlyn Castro and even celebrated Kwanzaa with her, the 30-year-old actor became a trending topic on Twitter.
Folks were tweeting up a storm that black women were up in arms and even wanted to boycott his new flick Black Panther which drops in February. But after much inspection it seems those reports were actually fake news.
After searching the Michael B. Jordan hashtag we couldn’t find any tweets from Black women actually bashing Jordan, or his choice to date outside his race. Instead we found tons of Black men tweeting about black women and chastising them about this fake boycott.

Black women were up in arms though. Once they realized they were being thrown under the bus, the gloves came off.

For the record Jordan did come under fire back in 2015 after comments he made about interracial dating in a GQ article were taken out of context. He made sure to clarify what he meant during his interview with Vogue this past November 2017.

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