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Mo’Nique isn’t done slamming Netflix, and now she’s bringing some other people, namely Oprah, into the mix.

During her Mo’Nique and Sidney’s Open Relationship Podcast, the comedienne not only complained about Hollywood’s wage gap while listing her many accolades, but also dragged Oprah for not supporting other Black women.

After her husband, who she calls “Daddy,” broke into an ugly cry explaining why he goes so hard for his wife, Mo decided to share something that was on her heart.

“See everybody talking about Oprah Winfrey for President, and we are rallying behind her, the black women are saying ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ but let me ask ya’ll a question. Whenever did she rally behind us?,” she said.  “What award show did she ever get up on the stage and say #MeToo?”

Later in the hourlong podcast, Mo’Nique then turned her angst to Steve Harvey and Sheryl Underwood for being “cowardly” and not having her on their talk shows.

“Why won’t they have us on their show and look us in the eye and tell us what we did wrong?” questioned the Oscar winning actress. “Because they both know if me and my husband sat in front of them it would be a different story.”

Mo also called out Underwood for lying about a conversation they had back when she claimed she was blacklisted by Oprah, Tyler and Lee Daniels.

“Sheryl Underwood is telling a lie, I can’t call my sister a liar but I will say she’s lying. I have the proof of the conversation.”

When Sheryl Underwood called me what she said was; “I know you’re not lying and I know you’re right” and that’s when I said, ‘B*** then when why are we here?!’ That’s when she got into a really big hurry,” she added. “‘I gotta get to the airport, I gotta get on a plane!’” Sheryl reportedly said.

Mo’Nique first called for a boycott against Netflix after they offered her $500K for a stand-up special. Mo said she asked the streaming service for more money based on what they paid others like Amy Schumer and Chris Rock, and they told her that was their final offer.

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