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#MeToo: Wanda Sykes Claims Netflix Offered Her LESS Than Mo’Nique!



It looks like Wanda Sykes is joining Mo’Nique in her disdain for Netflix. Apparently, she too was offered an insulting amount of money for a stand up special and now the streaming service is on her sh!t list.

Just last week, Mo revealed that Netflix offered her $500,000 for a comedy special while other folks like Amy Schumer scored a $13 million deal and Dave Chappell garnered a $20 mil paycheck. Mo’Nique accused the company of gender and racial biases and called for a boycott.

At first, many people scoffed at Mo’s claims and didn’t seem to think a boycott was in the cards, but then the “Precious” star received a much needed ally — insert Wanda Sykes.

LESS than $250,000!!! Now, that’s insulting. Both women are comedic legends and have proven themselves to be forces in their field. Do you think they command million dollar checks or did Netflix nail the dollar am out on the head?

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1 Comment

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