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It looks like Joseline Hernandez is fn with Cardi B and folks are mad about it.

The Puerto Rican Princess took to social media this week to tease the lyrics and video for the diss track, “Hate Me Now.” In the song, Hernandez raps: “Fabricated, illustrated, cartoon a** b***, bloody, my a**! Who the f** cosigned this hoe?”

Not only are people bitter over Hernandez’s dig towards the “Bodack Yellow” rapper, but people despise the angle she seemingly took for her video.

“These old hoes need to stop being bitter,” someone wrote. Another follower wrote, “You look old and dumb as hell.” Another fan, or lack there of, wrote: “F*cking disgrace to our.Puerto Rican ppl you suck on raping and singing lol u a hater you got nothing on cards B.”

Joseline didn’t seem to be bothered by the comments. On Wednesday morning, the rapper tweeted: “The greatest thing about being an artist is that your vision is unlike other… so you will get there and stay there like hot glue.” She then added, “We block the noise and the now.”


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Cardi B hasn’t responded to the diss track, but something tells us she won’t hide for long. Meanwhile, we can’t fail to mention her famous lyrics: “You can’t f*ck with me if you wanted to.” So … there’s that.

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