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Yikes, Pizzagate allegations have officially hit too close to home.

You might recall, back in 2016, a conspiracy theory surfaced suggesting that restaurants around the nation, specifically a pizza joint in D.C, served as a hub for a sex trafficking ring.

The viral theory, which sparked during the 2016 presidential election, was debunked by police, however, one star is now threatening to sue over possible sex trafficking allegations.

Chrissy Teigen went OFF on reporter Liz Crokin over the holiday weekend for seemingly linking her family to pizzagate.

It all started when Crokin, who is known for speaking out the side of her mouth, made a comment about a series of Halloween images the supermodel posted of her daughter, Luna Simone.

“Chrissy Teigen’s daughter dressed as a hot dog, Alice in Wonderland and a pineapple but note [pizza] emoji,” Crokin wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted.

Immediately, the Sports Illustrated model concluded that the reporter was insinuating that she and her husband were involved in sex trafficking. “Yeah, yeah it’s just Twitter but I’m pretty sure this ‘sick’ person is saying we are dark-sided pizzagate pedophiles who traffic our daughter,” Teigen tweeted. “Ummmmm this is really scary sh*t.”

In response, the reporter, who Teigen blasted for only having 50k followers, wrote: “What’s not OK is trafficking kids as sex slaves which is rampant in Hollywood. Why don’t you use your platform to educate people?”

She continued, “Chrissy you run in circle with people who rape, torture & traffic kids. This is a fact, I expose sex trafficking for a living.”

That’s when Chissy not only called for a “good lawyer” but further tweeted,  “you are going to court.”

“YOU POSTED MY DAUGHTER AND HAVE 50,000 PEOPLE ACCUSING ME OF BEING IN A PEDO RING. I don?t care HOW you backtrack or WHAT you deleted. I have it ALL. I?m the last person you are fucking with. You are DONE with me and my family. You are going to court.”

The tweets connoted, “@lizcrokin you lead people to believe WE were endangering our child. Trafficking OUR child. You posted photos OF MY child. don?t backtrack now and say we ?run with? pedophiles. I am taking this FAR, Liz. Your shit ends here.”

Even Teigen’s husband, John Legend, got involved, tweeting: “You need to take my family’s name out of your mouth before you get sued.”

The comments became so intense, Chrissy decided to make Twitter account completely private.

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