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Sway, Taraji P. Henson’s fans need some answers. While they are happy the Empire actresses new action flick Proud Mary is hitting theaters this weekend, they are wondering why there hasn’t been much promo.

Folks have been venting their collective frustration on social media in recent days as glimpses of Henson has emerged on a small promo tour. “The press and advertising for this is so bad,” said one user on Twitter.

“I’m saying!,” added another. “I’ve seen maybe 2 Trailers for this film. I thought it was coming out in the Summer because of the low amount of coverage.”

To be honest, the films distributor Sony Picture’s Screen Gems didn’t do much promoting the film to the press. There wasn’t a formal junket, advance screening or world premiere.

Henson’s reps told HipHollywood they “have done as much as they can, considering Henson’s busy schedule with Empire.”

Thankfully Taraji’s fanbase is strong, and black folks are determined to show Hollywood that their action-heros matter and they can have major box-office success, no matter what.

With that said GO SEE Proud Mary when it hits theaters January 12.





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