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HipHollywood can confirm that Princess Love and Ray J are still very much together.

There was speculation this week that the two had split up over possible infidelity. In a video shared on Ray J’s Instagram page of him in hotel bathroom, folks were convinced there was a woman showering in the background.

After the video was released, Princess went on an Instagram tirade alluding to the fact that her husband had been unfaithful. “The problem is women think he will change, he won’t. And men make the mistake of thinking she will never leave, she will,” one message read.

A message on Snapchat read: “If my husband didn’t have grown ass leaches as friends that wait on his every move he would be home now smh… about to start tagging people in a minute.”

Following a series of cryptic messages, rumors ran rampant that the married couple, who is expecting a child late Spring, are done for good. But a source tells HipHollywood that they are just fine.

A source close to Love tells us that she was just “mad” at Ray over something, which is why she went off on social media. As for reports there was a woman in the shower, we are told is completely untrue. “There was no girl in the shower. I promise you,” the source said.

Why Love was upset with Ray is unclear, but we are told it had nothing to do with the shower video that went viral.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ray didn’t directly respond to the chatter, but he did share a message on Instagram which he called “thoughts to self.”

“God is in control of everything Ray- dont let this negative energy get 2 you Ray- You are doing everything right – from being faithful – staying focused on the goal and treating everyone with respect and love Ray- Dont let the devil try to come into your world and break you down- Be the best father on the Planet,” he wrote.

The singer added, “Pray 4 all those who want to bring you down Ray- and show them even more love to let them know how LOVE overpowers all- Keep God first – be patient in your relationship – Listen and learn Ray – stay on your postive path to greatness – but most of all stand up for what you believe in Ray #ThoughtsToSelf.” 

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