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Khloe Kardashian just hit the 6-month mark in her pregnancy and now, fans are getting an inside look into her journey to becoming a mom.

Between Kardashian’s recent appearance on the Ellen Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live here are five things you must know about the reality star’s pregnancy.

Morning Sickness: When asked by Ellen if she had gone through any sickness, she explained “at the beginning, the first trimester is the worst and no one knows you’re pregnant yet and you feel the most uncomfortable. Hopefully I look pregnant and not just fat so people realize if I don’t feel well or tied.”

Maternity Clothes: “I’m going to try no to wear maternity clothes as long as possible,” she unveiled to Ellen.

Going to Learn Sex of Baby: Now-a-days, folks love keeping the sex of their unborn bundle of joy a surprise; but not for Khloe. “There’s too many surprises in this whole thing that I’m definitely going to know.” The beauty, however, has yet to learn the sex of she and Tristan Thompson’s first child together.

Tristan During Pregnancy: The father of her unborn child already has a 1-year-old daughter, so Khloe knows he’ll be an amazing father. “Such  a good dad and he’s so great even during pregnancy. He makes me more excited.” Kardashian added that while she hasn’t had any cravings, Thompson certainly has. “He has more cravings than I do. They say that men take on sympathy cravings and he’s milking it for all he can. He will crave chocolate chip cookies and bundles of them,” the mom to be explained.

The reality star also suggested that the NBA player is “super protective over me … it’s super surreal to me.”

Who Did She Call First: During Khloe’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she unveiled that she called Tristan first after learning she was pregnant. “He kept saying ‘you’re pregnant.’ I was nauseous not feeling well. He left the country and I took a pregnancy test.”

According to Khloe, she had her assistant go purchase a pregnancy test.

Advice from sisters, Kim and Kourtney: Unwillingly, Khloe gets advice from her sisters who both have multiple children. “Kourtney gives a lot of advice and I think it’s so sweet, but I don’t want to do some of that stuff.” For example, she urges Khloe to never have plastic toys. Khloe continued, “She got pissed that I wanted to put a TV in the nursery.”

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