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The countdown is finally over! Tonight, the premiere of the anticipated sitcom Grown-ish will hit airwaves.

The show, a spinoff of ABC’s Black-ish, will follow Yara Shahidi’s character as she gets acclimated at the fictional Southern California University.

Of course sex, drugs, alcohol and all the elements of college life will be included in the show, but it will mainly chronicle what it’s like to be a Black privileged, yet socially woke, student befriending people of difference backgrounds and races.

Does this sound familiar? While we would like to think Grown-ish will be a modern day A Different World, it won’t be. In fact, not at all. Here are five reasons why Grown-ish is NOT A Different World.

The School: A Different World was centered around a fictional Virginia Black college, Hillman. The show was inspired by Black colleges around the country, something vastly different from Grown-ish. Yara and company will take on college life at the fictional Southern California University, where it is seemingly diverse.

The Cast: Given A Different World took place on a Black campus, the cast, including Jasmine Guy, Lisa Bonet and Kadeem Hardison, was all black. Sure, Grown-ish features a Black/Iranian American actress, and Black actor, Trevor Jackson, but it also stars Latin actress Francia Raisa (playing a Cuban republican) and White actress, Emily Arlook (playing a free-spirited Nomi).

More Like Dear White People: It may not be like the iconic Jasmine Guy and company TV series, but it appears as though Grown-ish will be a bit more like Netlix’s Dear White People. Much like DWP, starring Logan Browning, the show takes place at a predominantly White school where students are forced to face social injustice. The group of friends, whether or Black or not, will join forces to allow voices to be heard and to create change.

How Long Will It Run?: A Different World had one hell of a run! For all you youngins, the Bill Cosby created show aired for six seasons, from September 24, 1987 to July 9, 1993. But while the hit NBC show had a lengthy run, will Grown-ish have the same legs to keep going? Yara is expected to start Harvard next year, which makes us wonder if she will be in for one season and out the next? Will Yara be able to maintain a college life all while filming a hit television show?

No Major Network Lead-In: Although a spinoff of ABC’s Black-ish, Grown-ish will air on an entirely different channel. The new series will not have a primetime spot on a major network, rather the cable channel Freeform (formerly ABC Family). This means folks will have to search for the show every Wednesday night. Even more, the spinoff will not have a major show leading in. A Different World had The Cosby Show ahead of its primetime spot, so it automatically garnered eyeballs.

Grown-ish premieres January 3 on Freeform at 8 pm.

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