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TVOne announced on Wednesday that Roland Martin’s morning new show, News One Now, has been canceled.

Not only were fans shocked, but according to reports, Martin and the team were equally blindsided by the networks decision to put a kibosh on the show. “They called a meeting on Wednesday and told the staff they were canceling the show,” a source told Page Six. “They’re having significant financial problems and they have to scale back.

Roland, who always delivered a strong narrative in support of the Black community, addressed the news late Wednesday with a tweet that read: “Fam, the sad news is true. The staff of was informed this afternoon that after four years of doing groundbreaking and award-winning work, the show will cease production at the end of the year.”

Despite the show’s cancellation, however, it sounds like Martin will still be used in some capacity.

The network confirmed that they “are committed to providing quality news to our viewers and to our long-standing relationship with who will continue to have a voice on

After four years of being on air, Twitter users are not only disappointed, but many are questioning who is going to have the same strong, visionary, unapologetic voice on national television.

The last live show will be on December 21.

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