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Why Beyonce Probably Doesn’t Care About Azealia Banks’ Apology



Azealia Banks is sorry … again. It seems to be the trend when Banks goes ape sh!t on somebody, via social media, of course, she usually ends up apologizing for it. This time, the recipient of the Azealia apology is Queen Bey.

A while ago Banks shaded ‘Yonce’s “Lemonade” album saying it was bad for feminism and Black women. Now, she’s had a change of heart. In a post on her Instagram page, the sometimes rapper/most times hater, poured her heart out to the superstar singer and blamed her “tantrums” on “feeling left out.”

“I apologize for throwing tantrums in the past. They totally came from a place of feeling left out.. you’ve inspired so much of the way I think about/value you myself as a performer and I ADORE you. Your presence in the art world and on earth is supernatural and and am so so so inspired by you. YOU DESERVE THE BEST. You deserve the finest things in life AND FINEST ART the art world has to offer. What’s mine is yours… anything you want of my art, etc YOU CAN HAVE. I would give you the clothes off of my back girl!! Thank you for always making the little black girl in me smile😍. You’ve truly always been a beacon of light for me and I’m so so humbled by this.

While that’s nice and all, but we’re sure Bey probably doesn’t care. Like, at all. Mrs. Carter didn’t respond to Banks’ tantrum and she probably won’t be responding to this apology. She has more important things to do like celebrating the holidays with her family, preparing to kill it at Coachella and continuing to be the top paid female artist in the world … stuff Azealia just wouldn’t understand.

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