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Tyrese has had an emotional few months and now, the singer is speaking out.

Following a string of bizarre outbursts regarding his daughter, financial woes and personal beef with actor, The Rock, Tyrese sat down with Ed Lover of The Ed Lover Show for his first interview since going what many considered … crazy.

Here are six things we learned about the singer’s troubled month, including what he seemed to have completely lost his mind.

Daughter’s restraining order: According to Tyrese, he  woke up on September 11th “to accusations form my ex that I had abused my daughter because I spanked her. I’ve only spanked my daughter in two years. I consider my daughter to be my best friend. This attack included a restraining order.” He explained, “No contact. No calls. So naturally, when you get accused of something like that, then you are dealing with the reaction of a ransom accusation.”

Lying about his new wife, Samantha’s, pregnancy: During the string of bizarre social media rants, the singer revealed that his wife, Samantha, was pregnant. It later came out, however, that the claim was false. “I went 87 days without my one and only child. [So] When I announced that my wife was pregnant, it was because I was on psych meds,” he said. “My team was like ‘you’re so stressed. You seem so traumatized … we need to get you something that will stabilize you.'”

I’m a good dad: Tyrese explained, “This was never about men versus women. This was about father’s versus liars. I am not just a father, I am a fully committed father. You can’t deny me access to my baby just because you woke up one day and decided to accuse me of some shit I didn’t do.”

The Tears: According to the singer, the series of emotional posts stemmed from the pills, Rexulti. “When they [fans] see me crying, when it all went down” it was because of the meds. He said, “When I discovered it was the Rexulti that was messing me up, I dumped everything in the toilet. That’s when I cleaned everything up.”

Will and Jada Smith: He also blamed the pills on his false claims Will and Jada Pinkett Smith gave him money to stay “afloat.” He explained, “Anybody knows me, they will tell you I don’t just love Will Smith, I adore him, I respect him and I appreciate him.” He continued, “When I was off them psych meds, I had a conversation with his wife and I basically said to them, because the movie got pushed back, I needed some help financially to stay afloat.”

Tyrese added, “When I had the conversation, it was like ‘yeah, we got you. Let me get back to Will.’ I asked for a specific amount.”

The Rock Beef: Tyrese went on a series of rants last month attacking his Fast and Furious co-star, The Rock, for moving forward with a project and not involving him. This, according to the actor, had nothing to do with the psych meds. “I ended up apologizing publicly about how often I came at him,” he said. “The truth is, everything I could’ve said about that man has already been said.”

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