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Let’s take a moment to remember that cringe worthy moment during the 2009 VMAs when Lil Mama awkwardly crashed Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ performance of “Empire State Of Mind.”

The viral video started making it’s rounds yet again this week after Lil Mama mentioned it on Instagram. Giving Jay Z a birthday shoutout, the female emcee recalled the moment she straight up embarrassed herself.

“That night, two of my hometown Heros felt disrespected and in return I felt neglected,” she wrote in a lengthy message. “However time heals all and give us the gift of hindsight (20/20 vision) where we can see things clearer, learn and grow from them.”

She added, “Even having to overcome the scrutiny that came with my choices, I still find it in my heart to forgive and LOVE in Hopes That it is returned upon me. I recently watched Jay Z’s interview with The New York Times editor and chief and leaned so much about forgiveness and pushing culture forward. I am inspired by your honesty, vulnerability and maturity. I’m ready for dialogue. Love You Jay… Happy Birthday.”

Although we will never forget this moment, there are several other awkward award show stage crashes that just might live up to his one — like Kanye West.

That same night, during the 2009 VMAs, Kanye bombarded the stage when Taylor Swift received the award for Best Female Video. The rapper, who will never live down the moment, wanted to tell the world that in fact, it was Beyonce who had the greatest video of all time.

And finally, we can’t forget about the time Atlanta’s LaKeith Stanfield crashed the stage during the 2016 Critics Choice Awards when Silicon Valley was the real winner.

Who doesn’t love a good stage crash?!?

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