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Tomi Lahren is blatantly disregarding the iconic moment between Beyonce and Colin Kaepernick during Tuesday night’s Sportsperson of the Year Show and folks are not happy about it.

Beyonce presented Kaepernick with the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award and instantly, fans flocked to Twitter to praise the pair for the emotional moment. But it was Tomi who got her panties in a bunch over the presentation to the athlete, who according to Yonce, embodies “the ideals of sportsmanship, leadership and philanthropy as vehicles for changing the world.”

“Police-hating Beyoncé presents police and America-hating Kappy with a ‘legacy award,'” Lahren wrote on Twitter. “This is how far we’ve fallen. Wow,”

Tomi’s comment led to a firestorm of comments by Twitter users. One comment read, “You’re on the wrong side of history, Tomi. I just hope one day you’re brave enough to look at these real, and disconcerting issues surrounding racial/justice inequality from a holistic point of view instead of an egocentric one. PS- It was an Army vet vet told CK to take a knee.”

Another user wrote, “These two have more talent and integrity than you could ever dream of

As Beyonce handed over the coveted award to the former 49ers quarterback, she explained that it was Colin who “took action with no fear of consequence or repercussion, only hope to change the world for the better. To change perception, to change the way we treat each other, especially people of color.”

Speaking of Muhammad Ali, Colin told the crowd during his speech that “the footprints he [Ali] leaves are large, and his life is and has been a multitextured tapestry that is rich in love, wisdom, life lessons and human kindness. I can only hope that I’m taking steps toward walking on the footsteps that he has left behind for the world to follow.”

Kaepernick sparked a national protest last year after he kneeled during the national anthem to protest racial inequality and police brutality. As for Beyonce, the star was behind the hit controversial and politically charged track, “Formation.”

Here’s the problem … Beyonce addresses social issues and police brutality and Kaepernick peacefully kneels in protest for the same cause; yet we are they ones falling? The fact that we are still dealing with social and racial injustices is the root of the problem and it’s people like Beyonce and Colin who are helping us move forward.

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