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Royal Racism?! Did This Princess Just Throw Some Subtle Shade At Meghan Markle??



Meghan Markle just attended her first Christmas Lunch hosted by the Queen … fancy, right? But instead of tea and crumpets she got smacked in the face with blatant racism with a side of shade.

Princess Michael, who is married to one of the Queen’s cousins (it’s always the cousin actin up, right?!) arrived to the lunch wearing this brooch…

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While at first glance it may just seem like an ostentatious piece of jewelry, it’s actually an antique from the 18th century that apparently signifies racial conquest. Categorized as a blackamoor brooch, the piece features a man of color wearing a turban and may suggest his position in servitude.

Now, we don’t know if our girl Meghan even met Princess Michael — you know the cousins probably have to sit inn the waaaaaay back — but if she did we hope she called her soon to be in-law out!

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