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Over the past four seasons of Married To Medicine fans have seen Quad Webb-Lunceford fabulously and effortlessly balance her career and marriage. But season 5 things seem to be taking a turn for the worse.

“Every season of Married To Medicine is emotional,” Quad told HipHollywood. “But this season by far takes the cake because my husband is out of control.”

And she’s not being dramatic. Season 5 has just gotten started and fans have already seen Quad in tears, and she and Dr. G having a heated argument about their marriage, and his lack of appreciation for her.

But while it seems shocking to see their once rosy relationship unraveling, Webb revealed the couple have actually been having marital problems for years.

“A lot of times when I would go through certain things with my husband I dealt with it in house and it was concealed, and I got a lot of backlash for that,” she confessed.  “A lot of times people were like why she ain’t got no baby, she just don’t want to mess up her body … all they’ve seen is things being great between us, but little do they know we’ve definitely had some challenges over the years and had my husband probably not have reacted the way he did when I told him he doesn’t appreciate me you probably wouldn’t be seeing it now.”

So is the couple headed for divorce?

“My husband is a physician and I don’t want to do anything to upset or interrupt that,” she explained. “But in patience I’ve done a lot of work and a lot of trying and we’ll just have to see how it goes.”

But while her personal life is hitting a sour note, Webb’s public life couldn’t be sweeter. Besides working as brand contributor for BCBG and running her couture clothing and bedding line for dogs – Picture Perfect Pup , she’s also co-hosting the TV One daytime talk show Sister Circle, working on her cookbook Romance On A Table, A Spicy Way to Sauce Up Your Love Life. 


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