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Pause!!! BTS Member Spits Fire … In English!!! Hear The Verse That Has Folks Losing Their Minds



BTS member just dropped a rap verse in English and to say that fans spontaneously combusted with excitement would be an understatement.

RM of the Korean boy band joined forces with Fall Out Boy for a remix of “Champion” and instead of dropping lines in Korean, he switched it up for English.

“Yo, should I be a star? Baby, I think I already are,” the 23-year-old raps. “Ain’t gotta be somebody, be anybody, rather be anybody than live in a dead body.”

For all of you not quite well versed in all things BTS; Rap Monster is fluent in English after teaching himself. And get this, he also speaks Japanese; so don’t be surprised if we get that next.

BTS is no doubt one of the biggest boy groups in the world with one hell of a following. It’s been less than 12 hours since the song’s release and already, fans are raving about RM’s epic verse on Twitter.

Here the verse below:

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