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Diddy received a lot of praise and support on Sunday night when he suggested he wanted to buy the Carolina Panthers. There were a few people, however, that literally laughed out loud at the idea.

Bay Area sports reporter, Henry Wofford, made headlines late Monday after a video went viral of him asking on live television “how can you take Diddy seriously?” Wofford then, questioned whether or not Diddy was “high” in the video of if he had just got done “drinking a 40.”

Folks went off following the KRON reporter’s remarks, including rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was absolutely livid. “I’m offended to my core,” he wrote on Instagram. “And both these clowns can’t even pay the water bill at one of @diddy estates…but THEY CANT TAKE HIM SERIOUS?”

Nipsey continued, “‘He looked like he jus finished Drinking a 40?’ You talking bout a owner of a vodka company! ‘I don’t even know what he does’
@forbes do tho. ‘You gotta stay in yo comfort zone’? That’s the mentality of a FAILURE!!”

He added, “U Never speak when you This STUPID AND OUT THE LOOP OF REALITY!!! @diddy I HOPE THEY MOTIVATED U EVEN MORE AND WHEN U BECOME THE 1st Blac @NFL owner we gone only wear Yo team jerseys and make sure u get a super bowl trophy!!! Fucc these bitches and this whole way of thinking…I’m HOT AT THIS!! #blackexcellence. Time to take bac what’s ours!!!”

After a whirlwind of comments, Wofford released an apology via Twitter that read: “Diddy is a businessman who has the work ethic, success & contacts to run an NFL team.My response to question was regarding if he’s serious about buying the team. She laughed at my joke. The snippet takes things out of context. Sorry for any misunderstanding.”

Wofford also offered a public apology on Tuesday morning on live television. “I want to make it very clear I have no one to blame but myself,” he started. “I want to offer a sincere apology to everyone I offended.”

Addressing the comments made about Diddy looking high, Henry suggested “it was said in an attempt to be funny” but he now realizes “insinuating a person may be drunk or on drugs is nothing to joke about.”

As for being accused of playing on racial stereotypes, Wofford explained “that was not my goal. But I understand that those comments may have had that type of impact.”

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