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Mannnn, Chris Bosh’s Mom Arrested … But The Mugshot Is What You Must See!



Frieda is out here wildin’!

Chris Bosh’s mother has been arrested for allegedly taking advantage of a disabled man and forcing him to pay her rent, all the while turning a blind eye to the drug trafficking operation running through her house. Sigh.

A few weeks ago the matriarch Bosh’s home, which was given to her by her NBA baller son, was raided by officers. But at the time Freida wasn’t arrested and denied knowing anything about the trafficking situation stating that she was renting the place out to another person.

Now, police believe that Frieda, along with her friend Jonathan Brown (who was also arrested), tricked the disabled man into giving up his disability checks. They also believe Brown was running the drug ring while mama Bosh shut her mouth in exchange for drugs.

And while Frieda may be innocent until proven guilty this mugshot may tell the true story…

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