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Lonzo Ball Continues to Disrespect Nas



Nas hit up Madison Square Garden last night and posed for a picture with another music and New York Icon, Billy Joel, just days after he was disrespected in the same building, by of all people, Lonzo Ball.

While he is struggling to make a mark in the NBA, the one thing that Lonzo is doing well is throwing shade at the legend. For some reason Ball has it out for the Rapper and now you can get in on the madness.

Ball and his daddy’s company Big Baller are selling a hoodie and shirts that the rookie had the audacity to rock when he visited the Garden last week.

It is a direct ripoff of Nas’ classic album cover Illmatic and this comes after Lonzo has twice doubled down on his comments that Migos and Future are real hip hop and that “Nobody listens to NAS”.

It’s curious that the Ball family has decided to pick a fight with Nas at a time when their golden ticket Lonzo looks more like a bust then a baller. His current battle with getting the ball in the basket should be the focus, not hoodies and Nas. Lonzo is currently making just 34 percent of his shots from the floor, which, if you didn’t know, is bad, really bad … like historically bad. And thats an improvement from earlier in the season. He has generally struggled all year at making the transition to the NBA, just a year after his father said he would dominate the league.

At some point I suspect Nas, if he cares, will point out that Lonzo also sucks at the rap game. Yes he tried, yes it’s bad, yes some place guys like Kobe, Shaq and other great Lakers are shaking their heads and wondering what the hell is going on.

For his part, props to Nas, because his response to all the shenanigans by the Ball family was perfect. He said he didn’t know who the kid is.

Would you buy one of Lonzo’s shirts or hoodies?


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