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Kevin Hart … Sexist? “Moms Aren’t Fun!”



Kevin took the SNL stage for his third hosting stint on Saturday, but his jokes about fatherhood the third time around have many calling him “sexist.”

It was old, antiquated and outdated … Hart’s jokes on tackling parenthood with his newborn son had many feeling like the “comedic rockstar” was stepping straight out the 50s. The “Jumanji” star started his set by admitting he wasn’t initially excited about having another kid since he already had two (from his previous marriage). We’ll agree with Kev, the terrible twos can be tough, but it’s a joke many have heard many, many times before.

Then, he launched into a bit about young wives making their old husband have babies. Hart got a few chuckles from the audience by conjuring up visuals of a senior citizen trying to keep up with a toddler at a playground. Then, it happened … Hart began to joke about how it was the moms’ responsibility to keep the kids on schedule, handle schools drop-offs and pick-ups and basically make sure the household ran seamlessly. And while this is probably his reality with his stay-at-home wife Eniko, many other families just don’t operate that way in 2017 (heyyyy, stay-at-home dads!). Kev also joked about how “moms aren’t fun” and dads’ bear that “difficult” responsibility.

You gotta check it out below and let us know your thoughts … sexist or straight-up funny?

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