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HipHollywood can confirm that the mother of former NBA player, Chris Bosh, is currently being investigated for her possible involvement in a serious drug trafficking ring.

The DeSoto Texas Police Department tells HipHollywood that they raided the home of Frieda Bush on Friday morning where they found “a large amount of drug paraphernalia was recovered consistent with narcotics trafficking.”

We are told Frieda was at the residence during the time of the raid, but a warrant for her arrest has yet to be issued. Officials do have reason to believe that crack cocaine and heroin had been moved through the home, possibly owned by the former NBA player.

According to law enforcement, the investigation is ongoing and they are currently looking for leads. Bosh has yet to comment on the raid, but the real question is: If Ms. Freida is indeed trafficking narcotics though her home, WHY?

Chris may be a free agent now, but the athlete has had astronomical income for over a decade.

In 2003, the athlete was drafted to the Toronto Raptors where he played for seven years before hopping over to a championship winning team, Miami Heat.

In 2015 the athlete took a pause from playing ball due to medical issues before his career came to what seemed to be a screeching halt.

It’s unclear where Bosh’s relationship with his mother stands, but one would think if Frieda is hard up for cash, Bosh, who as of 10 months ago was living lavishly in a 12 million dollar mansion in Miami, is right there to fork it over.

As for whether or not the father of five himself had any involvement is also unclear.

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