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Iggy Azalea Does Not Want That Old Thang, Swaggy P, Back! Why Rapper Just Went Off On Twitter



Iggy Azalea does not want Nick Young aka Swaggy P. back in her life and she made that very clear over Twitter on Sunday night.

The Australian rapper had an awkward run-in with her ex NBA boo on Sunday while at the popular LA restaurant, Craigs.

Nick, who was in town playing the Lakers, arrived to the spot for a quick meal when he spotted Iggy, who had been at the venue for a few hours. According to reports, the two dined for a while, separately of course, before eventually leaving.

Reports that the two were in the same joint spread like wildfire, even leading to one report by the Daily Mail suggesting the former lovebirds were on a dinner date. The chatter led to Iggy going OFF on Twitter.

“The unfortunate thing about LA is there are not that many places people eat. You can be in the middle of one of the most important dinner meetings of your life; and randomly your ex and all his friends walk in the same place,” she wrote.

She continued, “Ryan Smith @ TheDailyMail i hope all your christmas gifts contain boxes of dried up chips of dog shit for trying to imply i would EVER, EVER have a dinner date with my ex who created a full human behind my back.”

Iggy added, “Ryan Smith i hope all your candy canes break before you get to take them out of the wrapper for the rest of your life … Ryan Smith of the daily mail; i curse you to cut your finger open deeply every year on a broken christmas ornament.”

In case you forgot, not only did Young get caught red handed by way of security footage having other women inside the home he shared with Iggy, but he fathered a child with ex-baby mama while still with the female emcee.

The two parted ways almost two years ago.

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