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Here’s One More Reason To Hate Steve Harvey…



Steve Harvey has given us quite a few reasons to hate him over the last few years. Between his meeting with Trump and his scathing letter to his employees, he makes it easy to throw side-eyes his way on the regular. And now, we may have yet another reason to detest the daytime talk show host.

According to Vincent Dimmock, Harvey has swindled him out of tons of cash. Dimmock says he was hired by the man who loves an ill-fitting suit and was tasked with raising $20 million for his charity, the Steve and Majorie Foundation. Supposedly, Vincent he was promised 12.5% of all the money he brought in. Dimmock says he delivered on his end of the bargain (a million bucks to be exact), but Harvey did not. Now, Vincent is suing.

Oh, but it gets even better. Vincent also claims that during a meeting with an investor, Steve disparaged women, shaded Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry for giving him bad financial advice and blamed our forever President, Barack Obama, for that triflin’ Trump meeting.

Really, Steve.

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