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Dallas Mavericks player, Charlie Villanueva’s Dallas mansion was burglarized this week and according to the athlete, the robbers took off with something very important.

Recalling exactly what happened on Twitter, Villanova confirmed that his house had been burglarized and that the culprit took his appliances, including his toilet. “They stole my toilet…… I’m not making this sh*t up,” he wrote. “Appliances all gone, like are you serious?”

He continued, “I’m still tripping, who steals a toilet? Like why a toilet, 1 toilet.”

As Charlie chronicled what was happening at his home, he also blasted the Dallas Police Department for not showing up until hours after he called the burglary in. “I called at 6:50pm it’s 10:41pm and no response from them, called 4 times already #findmytoilet,” he wrote.

The burglars made off with several other items, but Charlie could not get over the fact his toilet was missing.

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