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Chris Brown is just one of several stars to share the now viral video of a young boy crying to his mother about being in bullied in school.

But following an influx of reposts, controversial photos of the mother standing prideful by the Confederate flag surfaced and folks were seemingly upset. However, the message against hate and bullying never changed and stars still rallied behind Keaton Jones.

On Tuesday morning, Breezy shared a photo of the boy alongside one of the several photos of the Jones family proudly with the Confederate flag. The caption read: “I HOPE THE PEOPLE DEALING WITH BULLYING TOOK THE KIND WORDS AND POSITIVITY AS A STEPPING STONE. THEN PEOPLE WONDER WHY THERE IS NO TRUST. I WAS GONE SAY SOME FUNNY HATEFUL SHIT BUT LIKE I SAID…. LOVE WORKS BOTHWAYS ! STAY HUMBLE, BE CLASSY.”

Actress Nathalie Emmanuel said it best, “Learning that Keaton’s family are supportive of the confederate flag is disappointing for me as a person of colour but I still feel that this child, yes CHILD, deserves to be treated with respect & should not be bullied. The beliefs/hypocrisy of his parents is another issue.”

She added, “Maybe the support for Keaton from everyone including people of colour for his right to be treated with dignity and respect might help them see why the confederate flag and what it symbolises historically is upsetting.”

The Facebook visual, which heavily made it’s way around social media over the weekend, shows the Tennessee middle-schooler telling his mother about mean kids pouring milk on him and stuffing food in his clothes.

After the story ran rampant in the media, it was the photos posted on Kimberly Jone’s timeline that drew negative attention to the family. “The only two photos — the only two photos on my entire planet that I am anywhere near a Confederate flag. It was ironic. It was funny,” Kimberly Jones told CBS news.

When asked if the flag was because she was racist, Kimberly responded: “No. No. Absolutely not. I’ve said I spent most of my life being bullied and judged because I wasn’t racist.”

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