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Simone Biles is like the Chrissy Teigen of the sports world. Dare you say something unkind to Biles, best believe, she’s coming back after you.

In the lalest round of Biles claps back, the Olympian addressed the Internet trolls who had some negative things to say about her hair.

It was on Sunday that Simone made her Houston Texans debut and stood alongside the cheerleaders as an honorary member. With a huge smile plastered across her face and pompoms in hand, Biles cheered and danced her way around for the thousands of fans.

Unfortunately, folks weren’t feeling the athlete’s hair and made sure to mention on social media. “I really cringe when I see a pretty black girl with her hair not laid to some decree,” someone wrote.

To some of the comments, Simone replied: “Just came straight from a 4 hour practice w/ my hair in a bun excuse my hair … hahah.” But even to that, many suggested she probably should’ve kept it “in a bun,”

Following the slew of hair hating remarks, Biles wrote on Twitter: “I have 1 question to everyone commenting about my hair when I genuinely look happy in the photo.. Do you look perfect ALL the time? everything in perfect order?”

It’s worth noting that later in the day, Biles, who was already apologetic about her hair, eventually fixed it up and she looked stunning.

This is not the first time the 20-year-old has obliterated trolls who have nothing nice to say. Here are two other times Simone went in.

Take A Couple Of Seats: After being questioned for her ability to be a role model for young kids around the world, Simone quickly fired back with this response. “Talk to me when you train for 14 years and earn 5 Olympic Medals. I think kids would say otherwise. My year off is well deserved! Take a couple seats.”

To All The Body-Shaming Haters: During a trip to Belize, the beauty shared a series of photos showing off her cute bod. Sadly, the images brought out the body-shaming haters, who circuited her for having a muscular physique. “You all can judge my body all you want, but at the end of the day it’s MY body,” Simone clapped back. ” I love it & I’m comfortable in my skin.”

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