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The Aftermath: Wendy Williams Gets Emotional Recounting “Really Scary” Health Incident



Don’t worry folks, Wendy Williams is going to be alright.

On Monday, Williams fainted on live TV while hosting her talk show. After an extended commercial break the 53-year-old returned to her purple chair and continued to host her show stating that she simply overheated but was feeling better. Well, today (Tuesday) Wendy opened a bit more about what happened during what she described as a “really scary” moment.

Now, although Williams stated that she was dehydrated, hinted that she was going through the change, and thoroughly explained the entire “scary” incident, there will still be haters saying it was fake. Exhibit A: 50 Cent. The rapper posted video memes mocking the former radio DJ and even posted the caption, “What is this it just looks like bad acting to me. LOL she said she over heated in her costume. #50centralbet”

You can tell by the hashtag he is simple trying to promote his lackluster show on BET, but still, when will being an online troll get old, Fiddy?

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