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50 Cent is at it again. After weeks of going in on the singer, Fiddy is now blasting Tyrese for allegedly missing two visitations with his daughter, Shayla,

Over the past few weeks, Tyrese has not only been using social media to make emotional pleas to win his daughter back, but to also unveil to his millions of fans that he’s broke.

As of Friday, however, things started to looking up for the singer, who not only won his daughter back, but then allegedly picked up a cool $5 million from Will and Jada Smith who apparently loaned him the money to “stay afloat.”

But right when the skies turned sunny, the clouds came right back out.

On the heels of new claims that the Smiths actually never gave Tyrese money, new reports surfaced that the Fast & Furious actor missed out on spending time with his daughter because he was at a yoga retreat in London.

These two reports simply gave fuel to petty 50 Cent, who could just not bite his tongue.

On Friday morning, the rapper shared a headline, that read: “Tyrese has now missed two visitations with daughter Shayla.” Included was a photo of Shayla and Tyrese, who just so happened to be wearing a fancy watch.

So what did Fiddy do? He pounced.

“Damn boy, get off your phone shut your IG page down. Oh and um sell me that watch you got on in this picture,” he wrote.”I’ll give you half price. LOL #50centralbet #frigo#power.” 

Petty or naw?

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