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Riverdale actress, Lili Reinhart, is apologizing for sharing what many considered a racially insensitive photo on Instagram.

Given the very sensitive time in the country in regards to racial injustices and race relations, Reinhart came under fire for posting a photo of a woman with black paint on her face.

The image showed the woman painted in head to toe black wearing an all black ensemble. “Found my Halloween costume!!” Reinhart captioned the photo. “Inspired by the color of my soul.”

At first glance, some thought it was exactly what it was, a representation of a demonic soul. Others, however, deemed it completely inappropriate. So of course, the 21-year-old apologized to her 908k Twitter followers.

“I did not mean for my tweet to come off that way. I can see how it was interpreted as being insensitive, completely. I saw the pic on a Halloween Instagram and didn’t think it would be interpreted as being racially insensitive,” she wrote.

The starlet, who has since deleted the photo, added, “I apologize. Never meant any harm. I can see how it could’ve been misinterpreted.”

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