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It’s been a wild 24 hours for Chris Brown.

The singer was set to appear on New York’s The Breakfast Club on Wednesday morning but was a no show. So the singer took to Instagram to later apologize to the show and his fans for not coming, but there was slight shade in the message.

“Braekfast Club!!! I love y’all! I apologize for not coming to the show. Pop up show today and I was horse as sh*t from studio… I’ll call personally so we can peace it up,” he wrote.

He then added in the caption, “Hoarse!!! AND I UNDERSTAND THAT THE NEGATIVE SHIT THAT IS SAID BECAUSE YALL FEEL HURT. All good… I’ll let y’all have that. 🙏🏽. HOPE THAT HELPS YALL STATUS! Love you. (I’m glad to know how yall really feel though.) guess god don’t make mistakes! SHOW TONIGHT… y’all invited too.”

So where is the apparent attitude coming from? Folks think that the Breezy’s shady message stemmed from a recent comment Breakfast Club host, Charlamagne tha God made about the singer’s alleged drug habits.

Per the radio host and author, Breezy “looks like he’s on drugs in interviews.”

It’s unclear if Charlemagne’s words prompted Brown’s response, but Chris did happen to address drug abuse chatter during an interview with Nessa on Air.

“Like me doing interviews, you might think I move a lot but it’s because I’m nervous in this damn interview,” Brown said on Tuesday. “‘Oh, he’s on drugs,’ No. I’m not. We can hit the weed, come smoke wth me, but at the same time I balance out my life and I don’t live for the next person’s gossip.”

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