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Terry Crews Joins The Women Of Hollywood In Twitter Boycott



Terry Crews is just one of several men joining the women of Hollywood vowing to boycott Twitter.

On Thursday, dozens of stars confirmed that they will be protesting the social media website on Friday after across Rose McGowan’s Twitter account was temporarily locked.

The new move, called “#WomenBoycottTwitter,” calls for a day-long ban of the social networking website on Friday, October 13. “At midnight we RISE,” McGowan wrote.

The fall out started after McGowan, who unveiled this week that Harvey Weinstein raped her in a hotel room in the 90’s, tweeted a private phone number on her page.

The number in question was of a prominent Hollywood guru who was on an email chain pertaining to the rape case. In confessing the truth about what happened the night Harvey sexually assaulted her, McGowan shared the email on Twitter which also showed the number.

Many stars joined Rose in her efforts to “rise” by keeping off Twitter, including Chrissy Teigen, Gina Rodriguez and Crews. “I stand with the women. No more tweets for me too,” Crews tweeted.

Earlier this week, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star recounted the time a Hollywood executive groped his privates in front of his wife while at a party. The revelation came on the heels of multiple accusers revealing the sexual assault they (allegedly) endured from Weinstein.


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