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Exclusive: Rhyon Brown Recalls Being Sexually Harassed In Hollywood



As the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault controversy continues to brew in Hollywood, more stars are starting to speak out about their experience with powerful men and women overstepping boundaries.

During a recent interview with singer and actress, Rhyon Brown, the 25-year-old recalled unfathomable incidents she had growing up in the entertainment industry. “I have been in a position like that before, not to the same extent [as other Harvey assault accusers] but where you are the only woman somewhere and feel a man push up on you a little bit.”

Brown continued, “It’s really unfortunate because the way that you feel as a woman, especially being in a male dominated industry it’s like, ‘did that just happen; if it did, do I say something, do I ignore it? … It’s unfortunate that as a woman that’s your mindset.”

According to the singer, it was her mother and grandmother who advised her to “call them out on it” and let them know if they do it again you’ll “make a big deal out of it.”

Rhyon then advised the men and women who are victims of sexual harassment to “stand up for yourself. At the end of the day, do the things that when you go to lay your head down on your pillow you’ll be able to sleep at night.”

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