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Exclusive: How Matt Damon Bruised His A$$ During Julianne Moore ‘Suburbicon’ Sex Scene



Matt Damon and Julianne Moore are for a lack of better words, creepy, in their new George Clooney directed thriller, Suburbicon.

And in what is one hell of a dark and twisted film, the crooked pair, engages in an awkward sex scene complete with a paddle — but things get even more bizarre when Damon’s son walks into the room.

So we had to ask during our recent chat with the film’s stars, how in the world did they keep a straight face. “We were laughing. It does involve a ping pong paddle and a basement,” Matt told us.

He explained, “Where George put the camera, we realized if I actually hit myself with a ping pong paddle it looked like I was hitting her.” That’s when Damon confessed, “So I really gave it to myself and actually bruised my posterior.”


As for whether or not they’ve ever experienced walking in on their parents, absolutely not. “I thank God I never did,” Matt said. “And my kids never have and never will.”

Moore added, “Lock the door.”

Suburbicon hits theaters October 27.

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