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George Clooney and his wife Amal welcomed twins Ella and Alexander back in June, which means Clooney is well into fatherhood. His body, however, hasn’t quite reached Dad bod status.

In Clooney’s new movie, Suburbicon, the film’s star, Matt Damon, was asked to pick up a little weight to resemble the stereotypical dad physique. “He showed up chubby and I had to make it look like he’s a really dedicated actor,” George joked to HipHollywood when discussing the dark thriller and Matt’s weight gain.

He added on a serious note, “If he looked like one of those Bourne guys that he plays its not as funny when he gets punched in the nose.”

While the Academy Award winner was grateful for Damon’s new soft figure, Clooney is already anticipating the change himself. “It’s coming,” he said about his own frame.

And according to the director, the body shift hasn’t happened yet because “I got twins now, I’m running around with them all the time.” But if and when Clooney does see the change, the actor joked that it will be more of a “granddad” bod given his age.

Folks, Clooney is 56 and looks 26.

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