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Agitated Bow Wow Just Called His Followers What?!?!?!?!?



Perennial man child Shad Moss is tired of ya’ll hopping into his comments with your strong troll game. Now, we all know the rapper brings it on himself (Private jets anyone?), but that’s irrelevant. If Sir Shad wants to pop empty bottles in the club, he doesn’t need you all coming for him.

The rapper made that abundantly clear last night after he posted a video of himself inside Liv holding a struggle bottle of alcohol. When fans noted that the bottle was nearly empty, Bow Wow got his rebuke on making up new words in the process.

“U dumb mafukers LISTEN!! Im tipsy! If the mafuukan bottle empty u stupid shits! Means we drinking. F*ck wrong u w mafukas! Alota of mafukas on social media are f*cking idiots! Exactly why i barely respond respond to folks. The more stupid mafukas i talk to it dumbs me down. STOP TALLLLLKKKING TOOOO MEEEEEEE”

“Y u took a sip out a empty bottle tho?” one fan asked after the rant. Damn good question.

And there you have it … the greatest fronter to ever front: SHAD MOSS. We love you, Bow Wow … even if you take to social media to tell your fans you’ll never do an interview with us again because we interviewed your ex. It’s all love.

I just do it different we at LIV

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