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SZA And Maroon 5’s Music Video Is Weird As Hell



Talk about a reoccurring theme in music. Gone are the days of simple music video — instead, artists are trying to make visuals to tracks as complicated as possible. So it seems.

Just last month, Katy Perry released the most bizarre visual for her track “Swish Swish.” Now, it seems like SZA and Maroon 5 are attempting to one up the singer.

On Thursday, the artists dropped the video for their new song, “What Lovers Do.”

The first 5 seconds of the clip seems digestible and almost melancholy, that is until Adam Levine’s voice drops and instead of seeing his face singing, you see a deer mouthing the lyrics.

As the Joseph Kahn directed visual gets going, you realize that the creators are taking on an Avatar theme with animation; two lovers working their way through trees and then eventually around the world.

During the lovebirds travel while doing what “lovers do,” Adam and SZA at one point even appear to be running in the Olympics. Wait, it gets even more odd.

Right around the two minute mark, Levine is swimming in the ocean before being fished our by his collaborator. Literally, by a fishing hook. (Insert shrugging shoulders emoji.)

Instead of us trying to help you visualize the video, take a peak for yourself. Enjoy and beware.

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