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Ladies and gentlemen, unlike another famous Laker (Kobe Bryant), Lonzo Ball has got bars. The Los Angeles Lakers point guard dropped a new rap song and in the words of Jay Z upon hearing Kanye rap for the first time, “It’s not even whack.”

The track is titled “Zo2,” and shares its name with the UCLA alum’s shoe under his family’s Big Baller Brand clothing label.

Came in the game and I’m ballin’
I’m looking for comp I can’t find no opponent
I’m looking for problems, I see it I solve it
If you are not ’bout it then why are you talkin’?
People know me when I’m walkin’
I’m suited up, I’m Tony Strarkin’
If around me when I’m parkin’
I need some space, I drive a rocket
Diamonds on my neck, dripping like a faucet
Big Baller Brand, know you see me bossin’
Never caught a deal, still Randy Mossin’
Had to change a culture, everything evolving’

Take a listen below.

We mean, it’s not “You Can’t Stop The Reign” solid, but it’s solid.

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