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Jesse Williams And Ex Gotta Make Nice For The Kids Per Court Orders



Its never fun to have your dirty laundry aired out in front of everyone, but that’s exactly what’s happening to Jessie Williams and ex-wife in their messy divorce.

Jesse has already tried to maintain his privacy to no avail. The actor and activist had his PR rep release a statement to People saying,

“These are matters for the court to decide. Jesse has been working tirelessly to maintain his bond with their children and it is important to note that the dramatizations made in Aryn’s declaration are a one-sided account made with a specific goal in mind. The judge is fully informed on both sides of the story and will be making the final decision.”

The statement referring to Williams’s ex-wife, Ayrn Drake-Lee who has complained to the court, according to people that the children she and Williams share are being traumatized by seeing their father with a string of different women, including actress Minka Kelly.

Ayrn was asking the court for sole custody, and while the physical custody details have not been released, its was reported by TMZ that the court ordered the estranged couple to “play nice” and not use any derogatory terms about each other in front of their children, and not to use the children as messengers.

TMZ goes further to say that the court asks that neither party introduce the children to any new girlfriends until the relationship is longer than 6 months.

Did the court also send them to their room with no supper? Yikes. It must be pretty bad between the two when a court is having to intervene like a parent.


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