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Friend Or Foe? Wendy Williams Claims Hubby Isn’t Cheating … Just Hanging With The Homie



For better or worse, Wendy Williams is sticking by her man.

Recently, rumors hit the ‘net claiming Williams’ husband of 20 years, Kevin Hunter, is stepping out on her (again…but we’ll get to that later). The DailyMail reports that Hunter has been in a 10 year secret relationship with a 32-year-old massage therapist named Sharina Hudson. Apparently, he moved her into a $765,000 home just a few miles away from the home he shares with Williams and their son Kevin Jr. “They go to the gym together. They go out to restaurants together as if they’re a normal couple. But then he goes home to Wendy . . . He’s living a double life,” a source told the site.

But according the the talk show host, where there’s smoke there isn’t necessarily fire because Kevin and Sharina are supposedly just buddies. “One plus one does not equal three. This woman is a friend but there is no ‘there’ there,” Ronn Torossian, a rep for Wendy, told Page Six.

Hmmm, ok.

If Kev is indeed hooking up with another lady this wouldn’t be the first time. Years ago, Wendy revealed that her husband had cheated on her in 2001 just after the birth of their son. However, she claims the infidelity made their marriage stronger.

Wendy Williams and husband, Kevin Hunter

We’re sure the former radio host will be talking about this on “The Wendy Williams Show” today, but we wonder if she’ll be giving her audience the true tea.

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