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DACA Ruling Impacts All People Of Color: Celebs Sound Off On Social Media



DACA, or the Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals is an Obama era  piece of immigration legislation that protects undocumented adults brought to the US as children from being deported granting a legal right to work and attend school, and offers a path to citizenship.

President Trump had initially supported the DACA program and its recipients, but this week he has rescinded the program leaving DACA kids and their families wondering what will happen next.

Former President Obama voiced his dismay over the decision on social media:

Others taking a different approach reminding all people of color to be vigilant to this type of legislation.

1 Blood….

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Immigration is a complicated issue as many Americans are not from Native bloodlines and have immigrated to the US one way or another. Its important to recognize when our leaders are attempting to re-vamp our immigration system, and when they are attempting to target and criminalize large groups of people.

By targeting the DACA receipients Trump doubles back on his promise that he wants only “good” people in the USA. These kids, aptly called “Dreamers” have no criminal history and have done well in school in hopes to give back to their communities and the only country they know.

Many celebs took to social media to lend their support.

Blackish actress Yara Shahid reposted activist @paolamendoza with her own view of the situation, saying

“I’m sick … these Cold War tactics of repealing the little coverage POC/ immigrants/ protected classes is not only dehumanizing ( because no person, no matter their place of origin is ILLEGAL or ALIEN) but earth shattering to “citizens and non citizens” alike. Citizenship and patriotism should be defined by a globalist mentality and willingness to support our international community in the bettering of all countries and people, including our own. Policies being implemented under this administration are isolationist and ineffective. We will continue to defend DACA”

Everyone’s favorite Uncle, Russel Simmons also voice his concern.

Actress, Kerry Washington encouraged her fans to fight back.

And comedian and writer Cristela Alonso breaks it down to the bare bones in her post saying “Ending DACA is about racism. People have an idea in their mind about what an undocumented person looks like but truth? YOU COULDN’T Guess.”

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