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Nia Long looks like she just walked off the set of the 1991 drama, Boyz n the Hood. Point being, 26 years later, the beauty looks like she hasn’t aged a day.

So while on the red carpet for Def Comedy Jam’s 25th anniversary celebration, Long suggested it was “water” that she credits for her years of longevity in the industry.

Aside from the aesthetic, she also explained, “I just keep moving forward. I take my time, I do the things that mean something to me and continue to create is the ultimate goal.”

Estelle, who was also standing close by explained that it comes down to “the desire to do good.” She also praised Russell Simmons for “having a way to giving the community and giving the generations what they need and where they need it.”

Nia, who just wrapped a stint on Empire and a film with Jaden Smith, is currently working on NCIS alongside LL Cool J, Estelle, meanwhile, is getting ready to drop an album first quarter.

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