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Earlier this month Justin Bieber made it clear — Floyd Mayweather will not be knocking out his opponent, Conor McGregor in this weekend’s Vegas fight. But given Bieber and Mayweather’s past friendly relationship, most folks considered JB’s comments utterly shocking.

It turns out, however, that the two recently became at odds and are no longer on speaking terms. So how did the professional boxer and pop star go from brothers to frenemies?

According to reports, it all started when the Biebs started to turn his life around. Apparently, pastors at the Bieb’s church advised him to start distancing himself from friends who are bad influences.

So, JB allegedly kicked the frequent strip club attendee to the curb and unfollowed him on Instagram. Ouch!

Per reports, Justin’s antics did not sit well with Mayweather, who reportedly went HAM on the singer and called the 23-year-old a traitor. After all, Floyd was the one always sticking by the singer’s side during his string of personal woes.

And yes, this also means Biebs is no longer part of The Money Team.

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