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In November 2016, Dave Chappelle suggested to the world we should actually give President Donald Trump a chance. Now, the comedian is admitting that The Donald has been good to America by doing one thing.

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Chappelle claimed that Trump is at the very least helping educate the world. Here’s how:

“In the last six months we are all getting educational value, the presidency,” he said. “I don’t know I ever heard in popular discourse people talk about ethics this much … he’s putting all this stuff on the forefront.”

The actor then went on to discuss the famous SNL monologue where he said let’s give Trump a chance. “In the beginning of the monologue I contextualized because a lot of white Americans finally got to see what an election night looks like for a lot of Black Americans,” the actor said.

Dave then admitted that Trump will “work it out.” He added, “he’s a polarizing dude; he’ like a bad DJ at a good party.”

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