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A few club goers in Mykonos, Greece got an unexpected surprise this week when Dwayne and Olympian Usain Bolt hit up a local club and dropped some flows.

Wade and Bolt both wound up at a club on Tuesday and at one point found themselves in the DJ booth rocking out to DMX. And for all you kids out there, it would be offensive to not go crazy to DMX’s “Ruff Ryders” when it drops in the club.

Dwyane, clad in a red hoodie, can be heard loud over the microphone yelling the lyrics, “stop, drop, shut em down open up shop.” In the background, you see an excited Bolt following along.

Wade is currently on the exotic island celebrating his anniversary with his boo, Gabrielle Union. In fact, the same night he shut down he club with Bold, Wade shared this snapshot on Instagram with the caption: “Bae #mykonosnights.”

As for Usain, it looks like he was in Mykonos celebrating his birthday.

Party on, people.

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