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Tasha Smith REALLY Enjoyed Lance Gross And Lil Mama’s Sex Scenes … Maybe A Bit Too Much



Did you catch “When Love Kills” on Monday night? Well, if you did then you know Lance Gross and Niatia “Lil Mama” Kirkland get it in!

Lance and Niatia’s sex scenes in their new TV One flick were hot, heavy … but, hardly sexy at all, if you ask the cast-members.

It’s no secret that sex scenes can be pretty uncomfortable to shoot. Typically, you’re on a cold set with a ton of folks staring at you while you make sensual grunts and orgasmic faces. Such was the case for Gross and Kirkland who star in the film as Dino and Falicia Blakely (respectively). And even though it was awkward for them to shoot the scenes, there was one person who found it quite enjoyable — director Tasha Smith.

During an interview with HH, Smith opened up about coaching her “brother and sis” through the scene and enjoying it so much that she let it linger a bit longer than the actors may have wanted.

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