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Y’all Mariah Carey is still bitter as hell over her time on “American Idol” and now she’s telling other folks to stay far away from the reboot … namely Lionel Richie.

It’s been rumored for weeks that Mr. Richie was in talks to be a judge on the reincarnation of AI. But when the folks at Entertainment Tonight asked MiMi what she thought of her current tour mate joining the show in which she is an alum, the elusive chanteuse didn’t hold back. “I would say, ‘don’t do it,’” Carey, 47, told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday.

In all fairness, Carey went on to say, “No, I’m only kidding. If he wants to do it, that’ll be great. I think he would be really good at it.” So it seems as though her initial deterrence was just a joke. But we all know how much Mariah hated her time as a judge on the show so maybe her joke came from a very truthful place. If you remember the legendary singer called her stint on ‘Idol’, “the worst experience of [her] life.” She also said AI was “boring and fake.”

Gotta love MiMi!

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