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Sage The Gemini Like You’ve Never Seen Before: Bouldering, Fears & Relationship With Chris Brown



Sage the Gemini conquered his fear of heights after attempting the sport of bouldering and HipHollywood was there to watch if first hand.

Most people know Sage for his rap career, but what folks don’t know is that the rapper also loves staying fit. So we decided to take Sage completely out of his element and test his bouldering skills.

“I’m afraid of heights,” he told us before taking on the challenge at Hollywood Boulders. But despite his fears, the “Red Nose” rapper rose to the challenge and was more than successful. “I wouldn’t do this for an occupation,” he told us after tackling a few rock climbing problems. “I would die, literally, I would fall off the real mountain.”

When asked if he would aver attempt again, he explained “I’m like a binger. If I find something that’s a struggle and it’s not easy but fun, I’d come back and do it.”

It also just so happens that Sage adopted that same mentality when it came to music. “I taught myself how to play piano, how to record myself, mix and master. And it was just like this. I was like ‘ahh, I can’t do it.’ And I ended up becoming platinum.”

Sage recently released his new mixtape Morse Code which according to the Bay Area native, is just one more step to get to achieving his ultimate goal — as if going platinum wasn’t enough. “I’m trying to put my songs out there and then have the amazing phone calls when Eddie Murphy calls me and goes, ‘man I like your album. I do comedy, but your album’s crazy.'”

The rapper, who resides in Northern and Southern California, went on to explain that it’s Chris Brown who he looks up to when it comes to music. “I listen to him record and I listen to how he handles situations and how he takes a record and just flips it in 15 minutes,” he said.

And while Breezy and Sage continue to support each other musically, the two also support each other personally and emotionally.

Both superstars have had their fair share of controversies in the media; for Sage, it was back in 2016 when an audio recording leaked of the rapper telling his ex-girlfriend that he wanted to “stab” his then girlfriend, Jordin Sparks.

So when asked how he deals with personal woes in the news, he told us he has to take things as a “learning experience.”

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