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Nicki tried, she really, really tried to be the redeeming quality of this god awful “Swish Swish” video, but unfortunately even the Head Barb In Charge couldn’t save the day.

Katy Perry just dropped the video for her Taylor Swift diss track (BTW, Taylor is set to drop her new single tonight. Katy epitomizes petty. HA!) and it’s just bizarre. First of all, errbody and their damn mama is in the video. Terry Crews plays a coach … until his head explodes, Molly Shannon tries to be funny, even the little dude from ‘Stranger Things’ makes an appearance, along with hella other stars. But, the entire time you’re just sitting there watching the vid thinking ‘WTH is this?’. You’re probably also thinking, Katy ain’t neva called no chick a “bish”, but we digress.

All we can tell you is there’s a basketball game. Hijinx ensue, Katy calls herself “Kobe” and the special effect aren’t so special. Oh, and then Nicki performs for the “half time show”, kills it with her ankle-length weave, then exits stage left. If you’ve got a spare six minutes watch the vid below.

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