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Meek Mill Arrested For Being A Big Dummy



Where’s Redd Foxx when you need him?!

As someone who has spent a considerable amount of time behind bars you would think Meek Mill would do anything to NOT return. But nah, he’s out here living reckless. The rapper was arrested for being hella dumb.

Apparently, Meek and his homeboys were riding motorcycles down the street, popping wheelies and what not. They were making such a ruckus that witnesses called the cops. The police didn’t have to depend just on the words of the witnesses though because Mr. Mill, being the bright person he is, documented the whole thing on social media and essentially told on himself.

Meek was arrested on Thursday for reckless endangerment. smh…

Oh and for the folks who didn’t get the Redd Foxx reference, see below.

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